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Wolverine #1 on Rejected by Covered

January 29, 2011

This is sort of a re-post.

One of my entires that was rejected from covered is now on ‘Rejected by covered’ a site that has all the entries that didn’t make the cut into covered for one reason or another. There are some really great ones on there, so don’t know why they got rejected.

Here it is again: Wolverine #1 Originally by Frank Miller

I personally think that wolverine has to look slightly feral and demented. Anyone with adamantium laced bones a healing factor and a shadowy past will invariably have some problems.


Unpublished Entries

September 13, 2010

Here are two unpublished covered entries that didn’t fit submission criteria for one reason or other.

I’ve stuck the original covers next to the covers so you can compare.

Wolverine #1, Frank Miller

I gave wolverine his blue and yellow costume because that’s the one I grew up seeing him in most. I also wanted to make him look completely mad and psychopathic. I reckon I could do better. I also like the idea of him having thin claws rather than giant meat cleavers, it seems more likely he’d be able to store those in his forearms. It’s all fantasy I know, but there is something called suspension of disbelief.

The Thing # 6, Ron Wilson

The Thing cover was too much of a parody, in fact it is a parody. I made all his gangsta paraphernalia Fantastic Four and Thing themed because I thought it’d be funnier if it had some relevance.