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Three Portraits of Willem Dafoe

October 29, 2012

After seeing Streets of Fire I was entranced. There was something very compelling about Mr Dafoes’ performance and his very striking face.

Willem Dafoe pencils - Joshua Kahan

This is the pencil work if you are a) interested and b) feel like inking/colouring your own version.

Willem Dafoe Water colour - Joshua KahanWillem Dafoe Ink - Joshua Kahan

These two bad boys were done with water colour and ink (using a dipping pen) and Ink/wash with a brush respectively. That is all.


Hungry, Horny Vampire

October 11, 2012

In celebration of the fact that I have just finished another sketchbook (this one lasted 4 months), I present you with two collages from its depths.

I say collage all I did was stick some photocopied images down and draw on them using a pen, then colour them using water colours. There isn’t a single piece of dried pasta or string there. I didn’t even use PVA glue!

On a side note, I have been working on writing a film about vampires (who isn’t?), one of those done when it’s done type things. Although now, after just having typed up this little post I’ve just given myself another idea for a psychedelic little short with bloodsuckers. How wonderfully self gratifying.


Something with Colour and Something Blue

August 5, 2011

In recent times I have made a concerted effort to incoroporate colour into my doodles, I have done this by drawing with watercolour pencils and then spitting all over my work.

Sometimes it turns out quite nicely:

I also have a theory that anything drawn with a blue pencil looks professional and thus makes it ten times better. Why else would animators do it?