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Something Nice

September 9, 2011

I’ve just realised that a lot of the images on my blog are quite violent, destructive or contain coarse language.

I don’t think this gives an accurate reflection of me as a person, some might think it doesn’t matter others might think it does. I would like you all to know that I am not a barbarian…all of the time.

Now I realise that drawings are often representative of the artist in some way and reflect what they were feeling. Most of these were done on the train. For those of you unfamiliar with travelling during rush hour on the London underground, it’s often a visceral experience.

Therefore it will come as no surprise that subconciously these are probably my brain’s way of purging all those primitive emotions from the system. That and the gross stuff fascinates me and is generally more fun to draw.

Anyhoooo…I thought I would post a ‘nice’ picture for a change, just to show you that I can.


Don’t Cha Just Hate It?

December 23, 2009

I just saw a cowboy film I last saw when I was on holiday in 1996 and back then I thought it was awesome. For 12 years my brother and I wondered what it was called since we missed the beggining, there were no ad breaks, or TV guides in English, hell we didn’t even know what channel we were on!

The only detail of particular note that we remembered was the name of the Villain.


One night last year, by chance I stumbled upon information that led me on the trail to finding out what the film was called.

I found out, not only that the film was called The Last Outlaw, but that Graff was played by none other than Mickey Rourke.

A year later at my brother’s insitence I find a copy, we get drunk (that’s another story), and we watch the film.

I have to say we were both quite disappointed.

It just wasn’t how we remembered it. The film we saw all those years ago was epic, violent and cool and I swear there were Apaches in it.

This was short, dumb, and boring furthermore it lacked any type of native american tomahawk wielding, bow slinging action.

(side note: This is in comparrison to the film we expected to see, as a film it’s quite good and the acting is fine.)

The memory of the film all those years ago has not been tainted, and I retain the essence of what it was that made it great to a 7 and 10 year old.

One day i will make the film that i saw and not the film it was 13 years later. I might even throw in a few other fun elements into the mix. I think it would be pretty cool to change Graff into some sort of Vampire, Werewolf, stalker killer thing and give all his old posse bigger guns.


Nothing’s Original – The Aftermath of My Initial Pitch

December 14, 2009

I just did my first pitch for my FMP (last week), I think it went well, I got some great feedback and have lots of things I can work on. There’s no way my film is going to look anything like the key scenes I made though, they just look too cute and shiny.

I want mine to be rough, violent and edgy. In fact I want the whole animation to be as super violent as possible.

Emmanuel reccomended that i watch this vid, Galactic Mail by Asterokid.

I think it’s pretty bloody good.

I don’t really like looking at stuff that is similar(if not the same) in content to what i’m making when i’m making it because it throws me off (obviously something i need to work on). I start thinking ‘bollocks, it’s already been made, doesn’t seem much point in me doing my film now.’

However this time i thought ‘Hang on Josh, don’t be such a silly billy, defeatist, grumpy-pants. What you’re doing is (almost) completely different, besides nothing is original. Furthermore yours is going to rock the socks off every man, woman and man child making it will bring happiness laughter and maybe slight sexual arousal to any that see it. You’re doing the world a service by creating this beast of a film’.

Well ladies and gents, i hope i’m right.