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February Doodles 2012 Update

February 26, 2012

Got a bunch of of old sketches up over here.

This is dedicated to the slew of films out in 3D, not designed for 3D (and some that were) most of which are rubbish films in and of themselves, that are marketed with the 3D factor. ‘If we make it 3D they might not notice that it’s poo.’ It’s a shame because I want to see more amazing films in 3D!

And this is just silly (notice the deliberate mispelling of ‘tingling’).



A Simple Formula

December 15, 2009

Here’s something cool i stumbled upon whilst looking for somthing else entirely.

It’s a clip from kamen rider. It is ridiculous.

I love the noises the yellow dude monster thing makes.

This in turn led me another bunch of clips featuring numerous different monsters. Of particular note were Starfish Hitler and Spider Napoleon

It would seem to me that all they’ve done is taken a non human entity and combined it with a historical figure. I really like this idea because not only is it absurd, but the possibilities are endless!

This i going to be my fun new game for when i’m on the train. It’s such a simple formula. It’s genius.

Blowfish Ghandi anyone?