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Keanu Reeves – Man of Tai Chi

August 9, 2013

For those of you that are interested and/or liked the film here is my rendition of Keanu Reeves character, Donaka Mark from Man of Tai Chi. And for those of you that haven’t seen it, it’s Keanu’s first film (directing, as far as I’m aware) and he plays a pretty damn good villain. He nails it as a cold hearted and evil bastard. I hope you like it, I spent a really long time drawing it. Donaka Mark, Keanu Reeves - Man of Tai Chi - Joshua Kahan Josh

You think this letter on my head stands for France?

April 16, 2012

Here’s my latest repanel, a great page from ultimates #12 by Mark Millar (writer) and Bryan Hitch (pencils) in which Captain is fighting an nazi alien or some such.

It’s one of my favourite comic book moments and just couldn’t resist so I went and made ‘ole Cap into a smug Lichtenstein-esque pop art icon: