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Almost Dream Designer Cartoonist Job

May 18, 2012

I recently applied for a job. It sounded like a pretty damn good job too, one I could see myself doing long term to pay bills, etc.

I don’t mind relocating for a job, in fact I’m a bit bored of London at the moment. Maybe I need a holiday. Anyway, here’s the job listing:

I sent off a cover letter, CV and showreel to show them how mental I am and can be. I also did a little sketch (as they requested) of what I assume to be Barry (the red berry creature thing) doing something he shouldn’t.

I never heard back from them, not even a ‘thanks but no thanks‘.

That was the tame stuff. Do you reckon it was because it was slightly off model?


I’m sick of George Lucas.

March 12, 2012

George Lucas clearly has no artistic integrity because not only can’t he leave well enough alone, he has to pimp out these wonderful characters that I and many others love.

Who here wants to see Chewbacca selling shampoo? I don’t. But it’s inevitable.

I saw these Vodafone ads and was angry. I didn’t cry, I’m past the disappointment. I’m just so full of rage.


R2D2 and C3PO selling electronics disappointing, but I see what you’ve done there.

Darth Vader sellig PCs at christmas…you’ve lost me.

Yoda? Phones? WTF? Oh wait, I see it…You’ve got some 3D version of Ep1 The Phantom Menace coming out and you want to reinforce the mass perception of a CGI yoda over the puppet one you replaced in the film. Very nice. Very Clever. Vodaphone. Genius.

(I’ve altered these a little in order to bring out the true meaning of the ad campaign)

It’s an interesting debate as to whether an artist should be allowed to change their work once it’s in the public domain. The way I see it, once it’s out there in the public it has been given. You don’t take back gifts from people just like you don’t take back art and alter it.

What Lucas clearly doesn’t realise is Star Wars is bigger than him. Sure he started it but he had a huge team working on the original films so sole creative credit should not go to him.

Star Wars to me is a lot like a beautiful woman with a great personality, a couple of spots and a slight lisp.

It’s love at first sight, she’s perfect. However one day a few years down the line she gets a boob job, you don’t mind this so much because you like big fake boobs. Still it’s not enough for her and gets a nose job and a facelift.

You tolerate this because you love and tell her she doesn’t need it and that she was perfect before. Then you notice that her lisp is gone. You didn’t realise how much you loved that lisp, it’s silly really but it gave her character.

She then goes and gets a sex change. Several surgeries, some hormone treatment and a clothes change later you find that she’s not the person you fell in love with originally. Not only does she look alien and sound different but her personality has changed somewhat too. Having said that you still care for her because love knows no bounds and she is the mother of your children.

You soon learn that it has been her father who has been manipulating into changing herself because all he’s ever wanted in life is a son and hs wife has only given him daughters.

Furthermore he’s been messing around with science and has attempted to clone her in order to start over, but the cloning process was imperfect and he has created a severely mentally and phsyically handicapped mutant female child with possible psychic powers.

Now any sane person would have the father put away somewhere he could do no harm, yet he seems to be roaming free. It won’t be long now before we see the fruits of his unholy experiments lord help us all…


p.s.One Star Wars film in 3D will be released a year until 2017.

Something for Nothing

November 16, 2011

This is a bit of a long one and there aren’t many pictures so bare with me.

I had an interview for a potential job a week or so ago. I spoke with one of the interviewers on the phone prior to the interview to see what they were all about and set it up. After the conversation I had a look at their websites and still wasn’t 100% sure what they did. There were 3 websites, each providing a different service all of which looked like they’d been made using the same template. I had a suspicious feeling but went down all the same because I would like some paid animation work and you shouldn’t judge a company by its website – well in some cases you can .

The guys interviewing me were nice enough although it took a while for them to get to the point of what they wanted me to do. I am told that they’re a bunch of technical guys with no creative art worker types working for them at present.

They want me as an ‘intern’ for 2 months during which time I would produce (by myself) numerous 60 second promos that succinctly communicate what their products are. I would have the opportunity to learn project management, and business. There would also be the opportunity to potentially get work from their future clients. They would pay for my travel.

I have a think about it.

My main motivation for working there would be to earn money animating and to learn more. Am I animating? Yes. Am I earning money? No. Will I be learning more about animation from people more experienced than myself? No.

1 out of 3 isn’t good enough for me so I decline politely via email:

I get a text at 4.16pm:

60 second animation, relatively simple, will take about a week to complete if working slow, budget £150 to work from our office, interested?

In what way is it simple? How do you know it will take one week? Is there a script? Why would I work slow? Is it story-boarded/animatic made? Do I have to design characters Am I just animating? I have so many more questions nevertheless I give them the benefit of the doubt and reply:

I’ll do it for £650. What facilities do you have in your office for animating?

They say:

Full time junior animators don’t get paid that much, It’s for boots and it’s cheaper to get our internal to do it. We use imacs. I believe you need to build a portfolio of published work before you can start quoting higher rates. Too expensive. Thanks though 🙂

If that’s the case why even ask me? Furthermore why was I not interviewed by the internal, someone who presumably knows something about animation? They’re bullshitting me and want something for nothing. I respond:

A week of work to me equates to 40hours. Full time juniors salary range from £420 -£625 a week (20-30k pa). Even if I wanted to work 40 hours at £150 (£3.75 an hour) I would effectively be paying to work.

They say:

I see how you have worked it out. We base it on what you get after tax for 3 days, we turn over about 30 million a year on ad contracts, clients including apple, boots, pepsicon, LG and many more. As projects are unpredictable, for animation we have 1 full time after effects senior and contract in juniors for specific projects. Budgets are always strict, will keep your details on file and contact you when your experience justifies 650for 3 days work 🙂

This is followed up by another text minutes later before I have sent my reply:

Just to give you a little more info, if you go online, use the reed salary calculator which give he going market rate for any job, animators in London get 18k,after tax etc, it works out to 304 a week for experianced  2d animator. Hope you find this helpful. Regards.

I don’t mind that I am being spoken down to or that they use smileys in their texts (it says more about them), but they’re wrong and the bullshitting persists. Who is this animator? Why wasn’t I interviewed by them and why wasn’t I directed to or shown any of their work? How does 3 days translate as a week? I’m obviously dealing with real pros here so I decide to negotiate my fee just to see how they respond.

Ah 3 days! £50 a day.  If that were a 10 hour day that would work out at £5 an hour. If you can double to £10 an hour you’d find a hard working animator at your service for the duration of the project. I’m sure that would be no budgetary strain for a company with a £30 million turnover.

I never received a reply, I guess my demands were too unrealistic. Oh well, back to the weekend markets for me, I obviously need to brush up on my haggling skills. In the mean time I’m going to be putting that photographic memory power I received from the accident at the toxic waste plant to use: