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Time is the Key Ingredient

February 16, 2015

I have really been neglecting this blog, I feel like a bad parent. I know it’s there, I’m just not giving it the attention it deserves for whatever extraneous reasons.

You may remember (or you may not) the Lars Andersen: a new level of archery video that went viral towards the end of January.

Ben Green and I thought it would be a good idea and exercise to parody it.

Most videos that go viral have about a week where they’re being talked about and passed around the public arena. After that everyone moves onto the next one and ceases to care. Sometimes you’ll get a parody of the video a week after and people will start passing that about but beyond that I’m not sure if people revisit those things.

This issue means the video not only has to be made in a very short space of time but it also has a short shelf life (in theory). Additionally, in order for people to be made aware of the parody, the video would have to be shamelessly and intensely promoted online for it to be seen by anyone.

Unless of course the video is made by a big company with a large fan base and/or links to the press. By the time Ben and I got round to shooting our parody four days had passed and the original was on 16million views, I was working on a freelance job and so time wasn’t particularly on our side.

We both, came up with a bunch of ideas and gags from watching the video, combined them into a rough structure and spent half a day shooting things involving lacing shoes that we thought would be funny. In the evening, I only had a few hours to edit the thing and then record the narration which Ben wrote and I riffed on and I think that’s where it came together.

I don’t think you need to see the source material to enjoy our little video (but you should and it would help) and I also think it works outside the influence of its origins. I just wish I had, had time to promote the shit out of it on twitter, etc.


Jerry Sadowitz

April 5, 2011

Seeing Jerry Sadowitz is an experience.

It’s always an experience.

Seeing two shows back to back was a special experience as I got to see how he altered his material in the space of an hour or so. He was on top form yet doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. Not only is he a great magician he’s also a great comedian too.

This isn’t going to be a review or some sort sycophantic speech about how great he is. I just drew a picture of him last time I went to see him back in January and didn’t post it. I had thought of doing a new one but none of the newer sketches captured the essence quite as well as this one. I also coloured it in a bit to make it look nicer.

So here it is ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… Jerry Sadowitz!