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Almost Dream Designer Cartoonist Job

May 18, 2012

I recently applied for a job. It sounded like a pretty damn good job too, one I could see myself doing long term to pay bills, etc.

I don’t mind relocating for a job, in fact I’m a bit bored of London at the moment. Maybe I need a holiday. Anyway, here’s the job listing:

I sent off a cover letter, CV and showreel to show them how mental I am and can be. I also did a little sketch (as they requested) of what I assume to be Barry (the red berry creature thing) doing something he shouldn’t.

I never heard back from them, not even a ‘thanks but no thanks‘.

That was the tame stuff. Do you reckon it was because it was slightly off model?


Obama Cadillac Robot Makeover!

March 17, 2011

It has been exactly one year since I had a dream in which I was tasked with giving Barack Obama a make over. My suggestion was the Cadillac Robot suit which he seemed quite enthusiastic about.

C osmic
A ero
D ynamic
I nfused
L egitimate
L ateral
A utomotive
C lodhopper

The fact that it’s taken me so long to get around to cleaning up the image and colouring is ridiculous in itself, but I think i’ve just created a saturday morning kids show.

The Future of politics is here!


Le Cafe

July 28, 2010

For the past few weeks i’ve been stayed in, watched lots of films and spent a lot of time on the internet…wait that doesn’t sound right…

Ah well, I know I should probably get out a bit more, but recurring habits are hard to beat and other than the slight blurring of reality, uncertainty as to whether or not memories are in fact memories rather than bits of films or lucid dreams there are no harmful side effects to report. So far…

Anyhoo I stumbled upon this nice little piece of animation. It’s fast, frenetic, funny and French!

There’s a higher quality version for all of you who don’t care for subtitles or can comprenez le français sans assisstance Anglais – see what I did there?