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Supernaut re designs

January 22, 2010

Just been doing some character re-designs for my final major project. Still not quite there, I just can’t seem to get away from drawing cute stuff.



Nothing’s Original – The Aftermath of My Initial Pitch

December 14, 2009

I just did my first pitch for my FMP (last week), I think it went well, I got some great feedback and have lots of things I can work on. There’s no way my film is going to look anything like the key scenes I made though, they just look too cute and shiny.

I want mine to be rough, violent and edgy. In fact I want the whole animation to be as super violent as possible.

Emmanuel reccomended that i watch this vid, Galactic Mail by Asterokid.

I think it’s pretty bloody good.

I don’t really like looking at stuff that is similar(if not the same) in content to what i’m making when i’m making it because it throws me off (obviously something i need to work on). I start thinking ‘bollocks, it’s already been made, doesn’t seem much point in me doing my film now.’

However this time i thought ‘Hang on Josh, don’t be such a silly billy, defeatist, grumpy-pants. What you’re doing is (almost) completely different, besides nothing is original. Furthermore yours is going to rock the socks off every man, woman and man child making it will bring happiness laughter and maybe slight sexual arousal to any that see it. You’re doing the world a service by creating this beast of a film’.

Well ladies and gents, i hope i’m right.