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The Outrage Book Cover

January 28, 2014

I finished this one off at 4am with an eyegraine and in dire need of sleep.

the outrage Book

In case you were wondering, no, the book is not real. It is as fictional as the author. I can however reveal an excerpt from the book but don’t tell the publishers (wink, wink):

‘She was outraged.

There she stood on the threshold of the dining room in what she once belived was her home, her beautiful home, to find Michael, the Daschund making love to her grand piano.

The rage took hold and she screamed. She screamed loudly.

It was like an earthquake.’

Why do I do this stuff?


Fictional Albums: Lipsticker

October 23, 2012

Every once in a while I am divinely inspired and I will channel that energy the only way I know how: Making fictional album covers.

I’m not sure why, although I guess it started with ‘Lipsticker’ a fictional band famous for the song ‘Mushroom Soup’ my mate Jon created when he was a kid.

“Lipsticker…just happened…

I actually think they may have originally been called Slapsticker but changed over time. I performed Mushroom Soup completely randomly in my back garden it was just me talking gibberish…with my mind thinking i was a hairy metaller type guy in a cape (a sort of Dani Filth type thing) singing about being gay with the drummer. I think that was my imagination going to extreme”

I made up some art using a couple of old photos then Jon, my brother and I came up with the rest of the track listings and band members collectively. We even recorded it! And I did a music video for it, which if you’re dying to see can be seen here, password protected for your own good. PW: creamy

Fresh from 2005!

Lipsticker (self titled album)

1) Mushroom Soup
2) Brutal Hole
3) Sluts in My Colon
4) (I came here by) Helicopter
5) Japanese Fistfuck
6) Homonopoly
7) King Speedo
8) Tossing the Salad Makes My tongue Bleed
9) Bighorn Sabotage
10) Bonus Track: Cash-Cash-Castrato

Vocals: Box
Guitar: Jerry Malaria
Bass: Wayne Acid
Durms: Gürth

Whilst not the best album cover, it was the first. They do get better (I assure you) and I will be posting albums every now and then with complete track listings and a bit of background info about the band, so stay tuned!


The Legend of Arthilian Book Cover

August 14, 2012

Just over a month ago I did a book cover for a friend of mine; Daniel Marchant. He’s 14 and just written his first novel, a dark fantasy book called The Legend of Arthilian. I was asked if I would create a cover and since all the proceeds of the book go to pancreatic cancer I said yes.

Out of the two versions I proposed the top one was picked to be the final one.


Forget Your Love

March 2, 2010

I feel like I should post something, just to let people know that i’m still here.

Yesterday I was in Brixton and found some free books lying around. I picked out some of the cooler looking ones mainly because of their nice cover art and others for their intriguing titles. One little gem that caught my attention was a 30p romance mini-comic called ‘Forget Your Love‘.

I don’t know who wrote or drew it, but for some reason there’s a picture of Simon Mayo on the back cover. Anyway, I thumbed through it to see if there was anything interesting in it and thought it’d be fun to rearrange and re-word the text and pictures slightly to give it a different meaning, possibly an incoherant nonsensical one.

For now it’s just one panel and the beginnings of a little idea, here is what I’ve done so far:

The colouring is a bit shoddy (I did it at 5.30am), i’m going to go for a more tacky 80’s tracksuit colour scheme if that means anything to anyone.

I’ll also probably re-draw the entire thing once i’ve got a nice little story made because I don’t want to get screwed for nicking someones work and I think I can make the visuals better.