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Poddington Peas Reboot

September 10, 2012

I’m rebooting the Poddington Peas. Nobody has asked me to do this and I was never particularly a fan of the show when it was on TV.

It’s just something I feel has to be done as it’s even more relevant now than it was back in 1989 or when it was being repeated on the BBC throughout the 1990’s. In addition to the original cast (who would be given an image overhaul and reinvented origin) some new characters would be introduced.

This is Herp Pea, he’s the most tech savvy after iPea and also the most promiscuous of the group. He’s also a moron.

There would also be Derp and Lerp pea for consistency reasons.

Also featuring are Dog Pea who is just a physical mess, crack addict and communicates by barking. Tits pea (self explanatory), i Pea (A robo megalomaniac who uses everyone for his own personal gain), Slur Pea (she’s racist, nobody likes her but some find her funny) Don Pea (a gangster), Ice pea (Pea rip off of Ice T the Original Gangster), Red Pea (He’s just red), Jealous Pea, Cop Pea (he is the law) Clear Pea, Foggy Pea, Strong Pea and Cats Piss the elf.

This is because I’m trying to think about the saleability of the idea and frankly without characters like Tits pea this just won’t fly in the modern competitive children’s tv show market. Stay tuned for further developments.


Upside Down

July 8, 2011

Some time ago, way back in April I was at Kapow Comic con in London. I met a friendly bunch of guys in Upside Comics who’s aim is to promote literacy in children and young people through comic books which i’m all for as there seems to be a celebration of deliquency and mediocrity these days in our culture. I’m referring specifically to television/film, music and video games.

I know I sound like a grumpy old bastard but anything that can curb this and educate people and get them to do something constructive is a good thing in my book (no pun intended).
I did a one page comic with a conflict and resolution. 

First Day on the Job - Joshua Kahan

The hardest part was thinking of a situation, the drawing was…is…another story. I showed my mum and she said ‘it’s a bit primative’ which I quite like.

You too can do one, just follow the LINK, and follow the instructions.