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The Man Who Loved Breasts

January 8, 2010

There’s a comic i read about a year or so ago called The Man Who Loved Breasts by Robert Goodin.

I loved it, it had some other funny stuff in it too, it was really cool. It still is so check it out!

Anyway i went to his site the other day and that lead me to a blog of his called Covered. It’s a blog where people do their own renditions of comic book covers. There’s some cool stuff on there one of my favourties is Jughead because of it’s simplicity and it’s pretty funny.

It’s awesome. It’s my favourite thing on the internet at the moment (i haven’t been out much).

I haven’t been doing much drawing lately either, which i feel quite upset about it. I’ve been storyboarding for my FMP and then making it into an animatic, it’s been a bit of a drain and all i’ve really done is the odd doodle on the train.

So I intend on doing one or two covers, maybe five…