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Captain Kirk Cartoon Tribute

April 3, 2012

In case you haven’t seen it, Amok Time is one of the classic and most iconic Star Trek episodes of the Original Series.

In short Spock has to get laid or he’ll die.

After Spock starts behaving out of character, Doc ‘Bones’ McCoy examines him and then has a chat with the Captain.

McCoy says to Kirk ‘If you don’t get him to Vulcan within a week eight days at the outside, he’ll die. He’ll die, Jim.

To which Kirk responds in classic Shatner style: Why must…he die? Why…. within eight days? Explain.

I loved that bit so I made a drawing of it.

I couldn’t find the exact clip online so you’ll just have to make do with you imaginations and a compressed version of the episode if you’re not hardcore enough to watch it in full somewhere else.


Wolverine #1 on Rejected by Covered

January 29, 2011

This is sort of a re-post.

One of my entires that was rejected from covered is now on ‘Rejected by covered’ a site that has all the entries that didn’t make the cut into covered for one reason or another. There are some really great ones on there, so don’t know why they got rejected.

Here it is again: Wolverine #1 Originally by Frank Miller

I personally think that wolverine has to look slightly feral and demented. Anyone with adamantium laced bones a healing factor and a shadowy past will invariably have some problems.