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Fictional Albums: Kelly Toxin

November 11, 2012

There’s not a lot to creating these, usually I’ll be playing around with an image or images and then the magic hits. By which I mean my brother and I will stare at the image and shout words at the screen whilst one of us types.

By this method we can expect to produce entire track listings and further albums for the fictional artist.

This is a picture of my friend Perrie that popped up on facebook and after seeing had to comandeer/appropriate for a higher purpose.

Ups and Downs - Kelly Toxin

Apprently Kelly is like folk-disco Bon Iver with a drum machine. The Track listing for ‘Ups & Downs‘ is as follows:

1) Did I pull through?
2) Toxin
3) Ch-ch-chernobyl
4) Kettle Mix Disco Mix
5) Hangry
6) Biscuit Trampp
7) Pan!
8) My cat says woof
9) Saint touchdown
10) You should know
11) Brought the funk, you weren’t there – (dependent on whether you bought the european release)
12) Touch it.



A Wee Bit of Fun

June 29, 2010

I was just messing around today, playing around with paints, chalk and anything nearby (bits of grass and daisies in my case) and chucking it on a blank canvas because i wanted to feel like a real artiste. I even made up my own fake artist name ‘Salvadore Billy Ruckus’ so I could make the game more believable.

You can’t really make out the petals or bits of grass stuck to the canvas, but they are there i assure you.