Fictional Albums: Circle of Bastard

I realise I haven’t done one of these for a while so I’m going to give you this fake album based on a real fictional band if that’s clear enough.

Circle of Bastard Album Cover - Joshua Kahan

Circle (as they’re known amongst fans) are an intense metal act that often bleed on stage. I hope people understand the type of band they are, if not then you’ll just have to sit this one out. There are plans somewhere down the line to record these songs, I’m just not sure when.

Circle of Bastard
– Gimme Your Teeth
– My Heart Just Tastes of Blood
– Spit-Roasted by the Pain of Life
– All I do is Burn
– Agony of Life (pt.IV revisited)



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2 Responses to “Fictional Albums: Circle of Bastard”

  1. Jim Says:

    Let’s not forget their earlier material – stuff like ‘Cannibal Birthday’, and ‘The Blood of My Enemy (Is the Friend of My Blood)’..That was the Seminal Bastard.

  2. joshuakahan Says:

    It was, I’m shocked that I didn’t remember those.

    Cannibal Birthday was a musical tour de force. Did you know there is a very rough, early version of it along with Broken Twisted Nails on their Blood Loss EP?

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